What makes us different

Sales Consulting is a rapidly growing industry in today’s economy.  More and more companies are seeking out consultants to solve their problems and help them with specific business initiatives.  According to market research on consulting, both consultant revenues and profits are up in the United States.  This means that companies are finding new ways to increase their bottom line, and hiring a sales consultant (as opposed to more employees) is becoming more the norm than the exception.


Improved Results – Experienced and qualified sales professionals yield better results.


Scalability/Predictably – Skilled salespeople immediately ready for deployment.  Having one team dedicated to sales results, not influenced by other parts of the organization, can produce very successful sales increases.


Market Reach – Extended connections in many markets, making it easier to enter new territories and reduce the all important “speed to market” component.


Economics – For the amount of time and costs associated with hiring and training salespeople, we are a better, more cost effective alternative.


Flexibility - Assistance either wiith your entire sales operations, or outsource part of your sales initiatives as a supplement to your sales process or specific product line.


Traceability – We can develop a customized tracking system for the sales group that is designed to track sales by individual, company, sales group or division, product, commission, or territory.

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Our Experienced Team

Cesar Soares is a business development and marketing professional who specializes in connecting United States manufacturing companies and brands to South American markets. He has more than 15 years experience helping companies identify business opportunities and increase revenue and sales in the international community. 


As International Sales Manager for Spinergy, Cesar increased the company’s medical and sporting equipment sales within South America by 57 percent within one year. He also tripled the number of accounts Spinergy had in the continent, and closed the largest contract reached with its South American market. 


What makes Cesar unique is his proven experience increasing sales and revenue, background in international sales in a variety of industries, and his reputation for stellar customer services and client relationships. In addition to his work with small and mid-sized companies, Cesar also has held sales and business development positions for Fortune 500 companies, including Citigroup and Jones Lang LaSalle. 


Cesar has lifelong relationships and connections within the South American community. He worked in Brazil for ten years before moving to San Diego and he is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Sam M. Jesus is an international marketing professional with 20 years of experience in industrial markets both in north and south America. Over his career he played a key role in generating business growth for both large publicly traded companies and small family businesses.


As a global marketing manager for HENKEL, a fortune 500 company, he was responsible for both market and product initiatives with an impact on EBIT of $4 million. As an international marketing manager for a privately held company he was responsible for the development and implementation of the international expansion plans for the company resulting in multiple distributors in Latin America and local operations in Mexico.


What makes Sam unique is his ability to develop international relationships resulting in meaningful business opportunities in a wide variety of market segments. His network of business contributors is spread all over the world. 


Sam was born in Brazil and holds triple citizenship (USA, EU, Brazil). His background includes two MBA’s, three languages (English, Portuguese & Spanish) and work experience in multiple countries.