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"What our clients are saying":

"We have worked with Cesar since 2013. Cesar is an incredible sales manager with many years of experience. He successfully increased our international growth by 57%managing and developing new customers and current accounts at Spinergy, Inc. He has a high degree of integrity and is always focused on the results. He is extremely energetic and enthusiastic about his work and always has a creative, positive outlook. He is good at organizing and bringing people together. Cesar’s presentation style is open and he communicates clearly with the clients to set up realistic expectations which avoids potential problems.

The outcome of our work with Cesar, has been beyond our expectations. If you are interested in international expansion and want to work with an expert, hire Cesar! He’s is the best!"



- Closed the largest contract ever to South America during 1st quarter of 2015

- Tripled number of accounts in South America

- Improved service level and communication with South American customers by reducing the language, cultural and regulation barriers

- Expanded sales in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia

- Negotiated the first distribution contract for the ZX-1 Power Ad-on in South America (Argentina).


Marty C.

Founder & CEO

Spinergy Wheels

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